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Are you ready to Evolve? The Embodied Evolution is a healing service that I specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers in embodying their full potential. This is done  by overcoming self-doubt, conquering the fear of being seen, and confidently stepping into a life of fulfillment. This transformative service acts as a rebirth, taking individuals from their current state to where they truly desire to be.


You CAN do this! The Embodied Evolution understands that self-doubt can be a significant barrier to growth and progress. Through my healing techniques and personalized approach, I aim to help you identify the root causes of your self-doubt and provide you with the tools and support necessary to overcome it. By addressing these underlying issues in a safe and supportive environment, you will be able to cultivate a strong sense of self-belief and confidence, allowing you to show up authentically and powerfully in all areas of your life.



Change starts Now! The Embodied Evolution recognizes the fear of being seen as a common obstacle to overcome to fully step into their light. I understand that visibility is essential for success in these fields, and I am dedicated to helping you navigate and conquer this fear. With my guidance and support, you will learn strategies to embrace your unique gifts and talents, and confidently share them with the world. This newfound confidence will enable you to attract your ideal clients and create meaningful connections that will propel your business or practice forward.


Ditch the days of watching your soul wither away in an unfulfilling career ,and step into the life you’ve always dreamed of!


Join The Embodied Evolution today!

-Fenix Divine

 Wisdom's Way to Freedom

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Dive deeper into your Embodiment journey with Fenix Divine as we apply Divine Quantum Healing techniques that shatter fear, resistance, and attachment to  the old identity.

Activate your Embodied Evolution.


Bring your awareness to the Sacred Somatic tools and practices that , rewire & regulate the nervous system and release patterns and cycles of limiting beliefs.

Reclaim Your Body NOW!


Energy can never die it can only be transformed, join me for a  Energy Alchemy session.

Transform trauma responses and cycles of belief into empowerment and equanimity.

Anchor in harmonious co-creation



Give the spirit the medicine it craves by activating the energy centers within the body, channeled from source energy via piano, tongue drums, singing bowls and voice activation chanting.

Heal Your Spirit NOW!


Join The Embodied Evolution Today!

Chicago IL. 60637

Phone: 630-854-2066

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